US election mood-lightener

I haven’t watched much Stephen Colbert, but this job interview preparation session he did with Barack Obama is very entertaining.

It’s 7 minutes in total and not safe for work or small ears, but I recommend it anyway for a little bit of light-hearted diversion from the anxiety of waiting for the election results.

Bullet Journalling week – the overview

I’ve taken to bullet journalling in a slightly sporadic and inconsistent way, but I do enjoy it and it is definitely help me be more organised and spend less time “doing housework / house admin” and more time doing things I want to do.

(for those who don’t know what bullet journalling is, here is the original creator’s take and video:

plus a few other introductory posts – Modern Mrs Darcy, Bohoberry, Tiny Ray of Sunshine).

I’m keeping my BuJo pretty basic for now – I’m not blessed with much artistic talent, but I am enjoying being able to look back over the last few months and see the changes in my life coming out nicely!

I thought I’d do a couple of posts this week focussing loosely (can one focus loosely?) on the BuJo:

  • my love of stationery and my inability to spell the word
  • my October and November (ongoing) goals
  • Things I promised myself I’d do on sabbatical and how I got on with those
  • anything else I think of!

Are any of you using a BuJo?

Oh – and a link to my Pinterest Bullet Journal board which is mostly my envy of other people’s handwriting!

Things I learnt in May/June/July

  1. I like bullet journalling, even though I find it hard to do consistently.
  2. It takes longer to get to London Bridge than I think it does, and to leave the house with a one-year-old, and the combination is very very bad. But British Airways are lovely and don’t smirk at you when it transpires that you actually booked a flexible ticket and so can rebook without any hassle at all.
  3. Some unusual cricketing rules – I took an umpiring course in March and really enjoyed it!
  4. I can live without chocolate. But I don’t like living without it.
  5. Kids learn by example surprisingly fast. Bookmark likes to clean things. Obviously I spend too much of my parenting time cleaning!
  6. I really enjoy having a place to blog, even if I don’t do it often.
  7. Hobbies are much more fun when you’re not worried about doing them well.
  8. It’s really easy to lose a specific fitness (in my case, cycling) even though you are working on general fitness or a different specific fitness (5km running).
  9. Sometimes 6 USB ports aren’t enough.
  10. It’s really hard to tell black trousers apart in the dark.
  11. Soft play centres for kids are amazing.
  12. Sometimes I don’t want the reward, even when I’ve earned it.
  13. I can’t consistently get to sleep by 10pm.

To-do list

“I have my best ideas in the shower” says everyone.

I mostly remember things I need to do when I’m in the shower. By the time I’m out of the shower, I’ve forgotten them again. If only I had some way to write in the shower?

Enter the Bath Crayon.

The Hedge Fund Slave saw some in Stockholm airport and brought them back for Bookmark, and we draw cats and stars and ducks and goodness knows what on the walls of the bath during bath time. A stroke of genius has led me to commandeer the black crayon (which Bookmark never used) for the shower!


(These ones on Amazon – affiliate link – aren’t the exact ones that we have, but they look very similar – you get the idea.)

Copyright laws

Someone kindly commented on a recent  post that I should read Gone with the Wind, and that that would cure my reading ills.


Thinking “that’s a pretty old book, I wonder if there’s a free ebook version of it now” I do a spot of Googling. And discover that it is out of copyright in Australia, but not in the USA and EU (of which, for now, the UK is a part).

How weird is that?

It gets weirder. This UPenn site gives a handy overview; in short, lots of countries operate “life + 70” i.e. the item enters the public domain 70 years after the author died. Margaret Mitchell died in 1949, so we can expect to see free ebook copies of GWTW in 2019. Some countries operate “life + X” where X is not 70; X is at least 25 in keeping with the Universal Copyright Convention except in a few countries where copyright is basically non-existent.

However, Australia changed from “life + 50” to “life + 70” in 2005 and didn’t make it retrospective (a wise choice in my opinion – how on earth would you administer that?!). So GWTW went into the public domain there in 1999 (MM’s year of death + 50), and they didn’t try to get it back in 2005.

A little literary legal quirk for you! The UPenn site is very readable and interesting – I would definitely recommend a quick read.

(and if you’re wondering, I resisted temptation for now, but I might download it when I’m in Australia in December as by my interpretation that would then be legal? Would I be allowed to bring it back to the UK? So unclear!)

New job

I start my new job today – first new job in more than 8 years (though I have changed role several times in those 8 years and gone on and come back from maternity leave).

I’m oddly relaxed.

Wish me luck anyway!


(inspired by Cassie’s posts at Wholefully)

(Writing this very late on Sunday night)

Listening to Simon & Garfunkel on Spotify. Just showed The Book Accumulator how Spotify works. #millennialchildtechsupport

Obsessively checking the progress of BA2965 from Glasgow to London Gatwick – after a couple of days visiting The Hedge Fund Slave’s family, Bookmark and I flew south for a quiet weekend with the Book Accumulator near Gatwick while THFS played bridge in Glasgow, with the plan that I would swing by Gatwick to pick him up and drive home. That plan was somewhat squashed by the serious delay to his flight – had it been delayed another 20 mins the pilots would have run out of flying time for the day and the flight would have been grounded overnight. But it’s taken off and is now over Birmingham.

Wearing my beloved Jeans West jeans (size 11, indigo wash, long leg, boot-cut: the same order I’ve been making there for 6 years), a turquoisey-green top from Target Australia which I’ve washed so much that it’s now really pilled and actually a bit small but I love it, and my sister’s school hoodie which I may have just nicked from her bedroom (sorry Mini-Me). And my super-cool glasses with black exterior and orange on the inside . I took them off to see what brand they are, so I could share my street cred with you – turns out that they’re Specsavers’ own brand.


  • A Gentleman in Moscow, which is by Amor Towles who wrote Rules of Civility, which I loved a few years ago. So far, so good.
  • The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared, a re-read, in an effort to get out of my reading funk (earlier review here)

Celebrating a New Job which starts on Tuesday! I got it a few weeks ago, I’m just rubbish at keeping this blog updated. I’ll be working in finance for a cricket club, marrying up my cricket passion with my accountancy experience, and hopefully finding a little more time for life around all the work.

Cycling sporadically. We cycled at Centerparcs, I have practised my cycle commute to my New Job, I’ve done a few cycles in the last couple of months. I’m hoping New Job proves the catalyst to a slightly healthier lifestyle.

Eating all of the ice cream in my father’s freezer (see the plane delay issue above). I am trying to cut down / out refined sugar, particularly since I have guttate psoriasis and there isn’t much science behind the triggers for psoriasis, but anecdotal evidence is that sugar doesn’t help. So the ice cream is extremely self-defeating. Tomorrow is Monday, always the best day to change eating habits.

Looking forward to so much! New Job, my birthday, a long weekend in Andorra, 10 days in Sydney, Advent, Christmas… I love November.