Ridiculously Cute Animals Proving They Can Sleep Anywhere

Have you ever spent the night tossing and turning, not able to fall asleep because you’re worrying about things like work and school and bills? If so, you’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 50-70 million American adults suffer from some type of sleeping disorder. That’s a whole lot of tired people! There aren’t as many statistics out there about animals and sleep, but we tracked down some photos of adorable critters that prove many of them can pass out at a moment’s notice.

Laundry Is Such A Chore

Let’s face it, no one likes to do laundry. But how many of us can say that we’ve fallen asleep while putting our clothing out to dry?

This cat apparently decided to take a nap rather than do chores and she fell asleep stretched out on the laundry rack. Looks… comfortable?

This Pig “Nose” How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

OMG, can’t stand this cuteness! This little piggy has somehow fallen asleep while laying directly across her mama’s snout. And she seems to be resting peacefully as well, despite having a baby on her face.That baby is like a “mini me” of her mom, right down to the precious blonde eyelashes. The pair of them appear to be in hog heaven right here. It’s said that pigs are really good at two main activities: sleeping and eating. This photo proves the sleeping part, at least!

Not A Safe Way To Drive

A lot of people, especially babies, can fall asleep really quickly in the car. This dog apparently fits into that category since it looks to be completely passed out behind the wheel, with its head down on the pedals. So unsafe. The two cups of coffee in the center console indicate that the dog might even have a problem with narcolepsy and needs caffeine 24/7 just to stay awake.On second thought, look at the green wire hanging out of the dashboard. Maybe this dog is a mechanic and is down there working on the car’s electrical system? Yeah, that’s probably it.

Champagne Wishes And Kibble Dreams

Oh, to be a puppy asleep in a huge dish of food. That’s everybody’s dream, right? Maybe not, but this baby pup seems to be totally content to have passed out while in the middle of a meal. The fact that her whole body is in the bowl might indicate that she needs a smaller dish, buts she’ll probably grow into it pretty fast if she keeps eating so much food.I mean, a dish that large would probably hold her body weight in dog kibble at this point. After eating such a huge meal just about anyone would zonk out.

Cleanup On Aisle 12

It’s really hard to tell exactly what is going on in the photo. It looks like the cat has passed out right in the laundry aisle of Target, but there are so many questions about how it ended up in this situation. Is this a human companion cat that is able to run errands for its owner but somehow ended up falling asleep on the job?Or maybe it’s a stray that had a little too much catnip and wandered into the local 7-11. That would explain the reason it’s right in front of the chip display.

Cuppa Chippy

Here we have a nice energizing cup of hot coffee, the perfect thing to wake up someone who’s been tossing and turning in bed all night. Oh wait. That’s not coffee, it’s an adorable baby chipmunk who seems to have gotten into a camper’s cup and totally passed out.Just look at the way he’s perfectly curled up in there… he looks completely content and unaware that he’s sleeping in something that’s better suited to hold hot liquids. We’d let the little guy stay in there as long as he wanted because he’s just too cute to evict.

That’s A Serious Nose Job

At first glance, this dog looks totally comfy. She has a nice warm bed to sleep on and is so relaxed that she’s just letting her head hang off gently with her ears back. But check out the way she has her nose pressed onto the floor.Did she not notice that while she was drifting off to sleep? It seems like this would be a pretty painful way to take a nap. Wonder if her nose will be all pushed off to the side when she finally wakes up and lifts her head?

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