The length of your fingers reveals a LOT about your personality

We’re all unique and no two people have the same personality. However, various studies have found that the length of your fingers can reveal a lot about they type of person you are. The length of a person’s fingers, more specifically their ring and index fingers, can reveal common personality traits and indicate how likely they are to cheat. According to a study from Oxford University’s Department of Experimental Psychology and Northumbria University, men and women generally fall into one of two groups: those who like short-term steamy flings and those who prefer long-term love. In the study 575 people from North America and the UK opened up about their feelings on “non-committal” sex. Researchers also looked at photocopies of 1,314 British men and women to measure the length of both their index finger and ring finger. They found that the shorter a person’s index finger is in relation to their ring finger (also known as the 2D:4D ratio) the more likely they are to stray. While those with similar sized ring and index fingers are more likely to stay faithful and enjoy long-term relationships. Another study revealed that you can tell how big a guy’s manhood is by looking at the length of his index finger. Research conducted at Gachon University Gil Hospital in South Korea measured the index fingers and penises of 144 volunteers and found a trend. It turned out that guys with a smaller difference in length between their two fingers – which is also known as the 24:4D ratio – were more likely to have bigger penis. Find out if your finger length can predict your personality: 1. A: Ring finger longer than index finger People with a longer ring finger and shorter index finger tend to be charming and pragmatic. Their charismatic nature means people are instantly drawn to them. Scientists have also discovered that people with a ring finger longer than index finger tend to earn more money. They tend to be practical problem solvers and can excel in scientific fields. 2. B: Index finger longer than your ring finger Those with a longer index finger tend to be more confident. They are self-assured, strong individuals who do not back down once their minds are made up. They are born leaders and are driven by their instincts. They work hard to achieve their goals. 3. C: Ring and index fingers are equal in height If your index finger and ring finger are very similar in length, you are likely to be a “peacenik”. This category of people like to avoid chaos and live calm, well-organised lives. They are extremely reliable and trustworthy friends and are naturally loyal in nature.

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