4 Loyal dogs block traffic to protect friend who was hit and can’t move

You can find plenty of information online about dogs being “pack” animals, and how this means that they have protective feelings for their human pack members.

But if you’ve ever been the owner of more than one dog, you’ll know that dogs also feel protective of their kind.

While dog brothers and sisters might not look like they’re particularly protective of each other when they’re play-fighting on the floor or competing over who gets more from the food bowl, they secretly care more than they let on. You’ll probably get to see very small examples of this when your dogs curl up together to sleep or when one dog heads to the vets and the other looks a little lost.

You’d hope that your pup would never find itself in a life-threatening situation, but in these times, a dog’s protective nature will come out in full.

A video of dogs behaving protectively to one of their canine pack members shows just how strongly dogs feel about looking out for one another. According to one commenter, the video was taken in Lanzhou, Central China, though there’s no information in the caption to support this.

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