Rescue Dog Has Unforgettable Reaction Seeing Ocean For First Time

All dogs deserve to live a happy life.

However, not every dog is fortunate enough to be part of a loving family–many are neglected and abused every single day. Luckily, there are some people and organizations out there who have decided to take a stand against the mistreatment of animals. One of them is Rocky Kanaka. He started #DogsDayOut which helps abused and neglected dogs find new and loving owners. And that’s not all, while transporting the dogs to their new forever homes, Rocky takes them out for the best day of their lives–this often involves eating awesome treats, going to incredible places, and being loved-on by strangers.

One dog named Herschel was lucky enough to get this incredible treatment after he was adopted by a woman who lives in Washington.

He spent the first five years of his life chained outside and neglected. His bottom teeth are even worn down, likely due to him trying to chew through his chain and escape.

Herschel was finally rescued and brought to a shelter where the workers tried to get him adopted.

However, Herschel is a big German Shephard and large dogs can be difficult for shelters to find homes for– they are often seen as overwhelming and aggressive.

That’s where Rocky came in.

After meeting Herschel, he decided that this big loving pup was the perfect candidate for #DogsDayOut. Rocky found Herschel a new owner and agreed to drive him from Los Angeles, California all the way up to Redding, California where he would hop in his new owner’s car and drive the rest of the way home with her.

Rocky made sure Herschel was about to have the best road trip of his life.

He brought him to the snow for the first time, treated him to his first burrito, and made sure that he got plenty of love everywhere that he went.

However, the highlight of the trip was when Herschel saw the ocean for the first time.

Rocky stopped off on the coast to let Herschel take his first beach trip and his reaction was priceless. Right as he sees the water, Herschel starts barking and jumping around, too excited to contain himself.

He even starts making these funny noises that sound closer to dinosaurs than dogs.

Rocky brought Herschel down to the water’s edge and he jumped right in.

He spent the entire time running and barking and biting the waves, completely overcome with joy.

After such a hard life, it’s great to see Herschel finally receiving the love that he deserves.

It will warm your heart to see the joy in Herschel’s eyes and to know that he will live the rest of his life being happy and loved by his new owner in his new home.

Although life didn’t start out great for Herschel, it is going to be nothing but treats and belly rubs from here on out.

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