Happy Birthday me!

Yay well done me for being born 27 years ago. In celebration, I’m being taken to a lovely hotel in the countryside by The Musician, The Book Accumulator and Mini-Me for the day and evening, including much delicious food. Am very excited.

cute-happy-birthday-gif-tumblr-4Maybe we won’t party quite as hard as Dumbledore in the picture there. But there will be cake of some variety, I’m sure.

Recent events here?

I went to a very fancy dinner at Lord’s on Friday night for people who played cricket at MCC Universities or MCC Young Cricketers – having played cricket for Oxford Uni when I was there, I met the criteria. 5 of us ex-Oxford or Cambridge types went and had a lovely time. We’ll gloss over the speech out of the 1970s and focus on the brilliant Q&A session with Andrew Strauss. I do like an international cricketer who can give a carefully considered answer to a question. And isn’t the special branded water bottle great?

MCC dinner

Mini-Me came to stay last weekend and we cooked a lot and went to see Dance Til Dawn (no plot, good dancing) and watched movies (Beautiful Creatures, which it turned out I had actually watched all of before and totally forgotten, but it’s an excellent film! and Hercules). Much sister fun.

I have 19 days left at work before going on maternity leave. That’s a slightly frightening statistic.

I have caught up on all of season 4 of White Collar and am now in withdrawal until I find season 5. See also SuitsForeverPerceptionThe Newsroom and assorted other police procedurals.

I am totally dismally behind on my 27 before 27, and obviously have no time to catch up now. I plead baby RWT as an excuse. I’ll have to do a new list for 28 before 28!



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday me!

  1. Bettina @ Books, Bikes, and Food 23 November 2014 at 8:50 pm Reply

    Happy birthday you! Hope you’ve had a lovely day and lots of cake! All the best for the next year, I’m sure it’ll be very exciting with Baby RWT 🙂

  2. Andrea (aka rokinrev) 23 November 2014 at 11:42 pm Reply

    Happy birthday and all good things. You are sooooo young!

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