Saturday link roundup

Because it’s the first day of my Christmas holidays and you really expected something profound? Silly people.

Starting with the funnies (maybe this is an indication as to the state of my brain after a lot of work?):

The Best of Condescending Literary Pun Dog, including this gem:

And in a similar vein, Chemistry Cat:

Oh you want real book-related links…

There is an Austenish giveaway (US/Canada only) over here

Jillian shares some thoughts about Austen

A shout out for AWAusten in WordHits’ post, including references to two books I’ve read for AWAusten, Jane Austen Made Me Do It and Death Comes To Pemberley.

Iris has some thoughts on 2 Austen-related books

Alex, as ever, says intelligent things about S&S, part 3

Nymeth says clever things about Persuasion

That’s probably enough links for now. Bye bye.



One thought on “Saturday link roundup

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