Death of a Perfect Wife – M. C. Beaton – 7/10

Summary: Hamish Macbeth is quite pleased with the quiet life of a parochial policeman… until a pushy housewife arrives from London and starts reforming the town. No wonder she turns up dead – but who did it?

This meets the definition of “cosy crime” exactly for me. A pleasant, polite, short (192 pages) murder mystery with a few personalities but no particular danger. PG-rated, for once, which was a nice change!

I was a bit disappointed by the style – it was all a bit simplistic for me. The characters were almost caricatures, because they were so lightly developed – each had one or two defining features and that was it. Everyone in the town had a motive and plenty of access to the poison, so there wasn’t really a puzzle to figure out who did it, we just had to wait for PC Macbeth to figure it out and tell us.

That said, the village depicted had some fun personalities and the murderer and his/her motive were amusing when they were revealed.



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2 thoughts on “Death of a Perfect Wife – M. C. Beaton – 7/10

  1. […] This is very much a cozy crime novel, set on an island in southern USA. i loved this idea of a set of murders in a town where everyone knows each other – finding the culprit seems all the more impossible because of all the built-up trust. Somewhat like M. C. Beaton’s Death of a Perfect Wife. […]

  2. […] mystery after several wrong leads. I’m pretty happy anywhere on the spectrum from the cosy (Hamish Macbeth, Amelia Peabody, China Bayles) through the more-serious-but-not-gruesome (Kinsey Millhone, […]

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