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Listening to Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast. I am a huge fan of her blog and her books (The Happiness Project*, Happier at Home*) and the podcast is just the thing for walks out and about with Bookmark.

Wearing my 7-9 month pregnancy jeans (bought for me by The Musician and Mini-Me from my favourite jeans shop in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD). Which is dull. But I can’t get into my 4-7 month jeans just yet. I’m ok with the idea that it took 9 months to grow a baby and it will take me at least 9 months to reverse the changes that caused to my body (those that can be reversed), so I’m hoping to make it back into the smaller jeans in 2 months’ time or so.

Also wearing my Fitbit Charge. I bought it for myself just before Bookmark was born, as something to motivate me to get out and about (are you seeing a theme here)? I’ve managed 7,000 steps (the goal I have set for myself) a few days, and two days I’ve made 10,000 (one of them I got to 14,000!). I’m quite enjoying wearing it and keeping an eye on my activity level.

Catching up with friends: partly because it’s one of my favourite things to do, partly because it’s a brilliant motivator to get out and about with Bookmark, partly because if I don’t, I will become a hermit. I’m trying to make sure I get out of the house every day. So if I know you in real life, feel free to suggest a day when I should come and visit you! Have Bookmark, will travel (by tube, bus, on foot – whatever).

Eating things I have cooked less than a month ago. In advance of Bookmark’s arrival, I cooked up lots of food and shoved it in the freezer in takeaway containers. That saw us through the first three weeks of her life, but I’m over frozen tuna pasta now. I need something fresh. I use Pepperplate to save recipes and to plan out my meals for the week.

Watching Downton Abbey. On the Day of 16 Hours of Feeding when Bookmark was a week old and wouldn’t stop feeding, we watched it basically non-stop. And got totally addicted. We’re into season 5 already (within 2 weeks of starting watching it).

Welcome to the Bookmark!

Baby RWT, henceforth Bookmark, finally made her appearance (very overdue) in late February. I am slowly emerging from the fog of the constant sleep-eat-repeat cycle she operates on – long enough to type a few words anyway.

We’ve been for a few long walks (she goes to sleep straight away) so I feel this may be the year of the audiobook.

I’m also hoping to finally get my reading mojo back (which disappeared along with any semblance of a waist in late pregnancy) – though I have bitten the bullet and am discarding vast numbers of my books because I am accepting that I will never get to read them and I’ve already moved house with them twice. Watch this space for a post on that topic.

Pregnant with the Great American Novel

This was too funny not to share. Brenna over at Book Riot has written a post about being “pregnant with the Great American Novel” which is worth a read.

Week 22: According to the doctor, the manuscript has just developed taste, so take that New York Times. I’m pretty uncomfortable all the time but I’ve gained three cup sizes, which is great except that my coffee doesn’t fit in the holder in my Suzuki anymore.”


Between waiting for Baby RWT to make a (delayed) appearance, and the imminent start of the cricket World Cup in Australia, things are pretty slow around here. I read 200 pages of a book the other day. That’s about it.

So… I bring you this GEM of a word, courtesy of @InterestingLit on Twitter:

reading on public transportThankfully this ghastly affliction is mostly behind us these days with Kindle apps on our phones and (if nothing better) free newspapers everywhere, but… such a good word.


Dreams from My Father – Barack Obama – 5/10 (DNF-ish)

dreams from my father

I have nothing really to add to my “initial thoughts” on this one – the last third of the book also failed to grab me. While the visit to Kenya and all of his family history is interesting enough, it dragged somewhat. I finished it but didn’t pay much attention to the end.

I thought Audacity of Hope was much better.

Additional information
Copy borrowed from Westminster Library as an audiobook. 
Publisher: Orion Books, 336 pages (paperback)
Order Eleanor & Park from Amazon*,Waterstones or Foyles
* this is an affiliate link – I will be paid a small percentage of your purchase price if you use this link, which goes towards give-aways and site hosting

Top Ten Tuesday – I can’t believe I haven’t read…


February 3: I can’t believe I haven’t read (from X genre)…

I’m generalising to “I can’t believe I haven’t read” – i.e. non-genre specific.

1. Anything by Tolstoy, Waugh or Woolf. See my “I really must read the classics” list.

2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Well, I can believe I haven’t read this, because every time I try to read it, I get three pages in and it says “refer to all the things that happened in the Hobbit” so I go to read the Hobbit and I get so BORED.

3. Before I Go To SleepGone Girl and The Girl on the Train – all of which I own.

4. My huge collections of Sue Grafton, Clive Cussler and Elizabeth Peters books.

5. Wolf Hall, which I borrowed from the Musician about 5 years ago.

6. Anything by Ian Rankin. I own about 5-6 of his, but have never opened one.

7. Similarly, most of the books I own by Bill Bryson. I love his writing (see my reviews of his books on Australia and Britain). Why haven’t I read the rest?

8. My grandfather’s book Out of the West. We’re coming up to the 5th anniversary of his death, and I still haven’t cracked the spine of this monster of an agricultural study.

9. The Bible from start to finish.

10. In fact, I can just generalise this list to ALL THE BOOKS I OWN because there are so many of them!

Monthly round-up of January

I did not read a single book in January. What is wrong with me?? This is a very sad situation. Even more sad than Dr Who standing in the rain.


Hopefully it will pick up in February!


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