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Booking Through Thursday – Better Endings

Today’s Booking Through Thursday:

If you could change the ending of any book you’ve read, which would it be and how would you change it?

HUGE SPOILER ALERT – I’m talking about the endings of some of the books here that I have reviewed in the past.





OK now that I’m not going to give any secrets away to people who don’t want them given away… OHMYGOODNESSTHEGREATGATSBYWHATWEREYOUDOINGFSCOTTFITZGERALD?????

Maybe it’s the opera fan in me. But OBVIOUSLY the correct ending here is that Daisy, deeply unhappy and trapped in a loveless marriage, commits suicide, while the men who have loved her and ruined her life stand around sadly.

Other contenders:

Americanah – I’m not a big fan of books where adultery wins out. (see Great Gatsby).

The Bonesetter’s Daughter – an overly twee ending – I suspect this was edited heavily.


PSA: Anne #5

So, obviously you’ve all read all the Anne of Green Gables books.

You know that sad bit in the middle of Anne’s House of Dreams (#5 of the 8)?


*much weeping*

Providing a public service…

Found on the internet this week…

pregnancy internet

Always glad to be providing a public service. Pretty sure that the download speeds might be bad though.

Anne’s House of Dreams

Anne's House of Dreams

Inspired by Eva, I am re-reading Anne’s House of Dreams (on the Kindle app of my very shiny new phone). Is there anyone who doesn’t love Anne of Green Gables? At one point in my childhood I had 5 copies of AOGG, given to me by assorted well-intentioned relatives; they laboured unloved on my shelves. One summer when I must have been 12 or 13 (?) I suddenly tore through the series; my objections to the first few pages of AOGG were overruled by the next few – and the thousand after that.

And I’m now of the right age to match Anne in her House of Dreams! (have been for a few years, but shhh) The writing is just as delicious as I remembered.

Back to the book.

(also I have my second cold in 3 weeks, despite the flu vaccination since the first cold, and am feeling very sorry for myself)

Thought for the day

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.

books everywhere(photo credit: unknown; it’s been lurking on my computer for too long)

Sunday Salon – Scrabble & Shu Mai


Tired now. This weekend has included: lunch and hot chocolate with 3G, Scrabble and cream tea with a friend and then dim sum with two work friends today. Then I walked from Chinatown from Victoria (which is really not very far!) to do a spot of shopping, and am now totally exhausted.

I haven’t read anything this week; I’ve got four or five books lying around but can’t really get into any of them. In a bit of a reading slump.


Now corrected – chocolate BARS not chocolate bras…

Totally off-topic today.

Is it any surprise that I like chocolate? It fills the gap between cups of tea very nicely. Some of my favourite chocolates, all of which aren’t made in the UK and therefore either have to be bought at ridiculous import prices or bought overseas and saved up, are:

Ritter Sport, especially the dark chocolate and marzipan one. It is totally impossible not to eat the entire 16 squares at once.

Mint Slice biscuits, made by Arnott’s in Australia. These, believe it or not, are greatly improved in taste, texture and longevity (at least, duration of time they can be in my house before I eat them) by keeping them in the freezer.

Violet Crumble and Cherry Ripe chocolate bars, again Australian. These are The Musician’s and The Book Accumulator’s favourite Aussie chocolate bars respectively so always seemed like a huge treat. And they’re so yummy.

Golden Rough (again, Australian) – this is a pretty cheap 6/7cm disc of milk chocolate with coconut mixed through it. So good.

Oh, and Choco Leibniz and Ohne Gleichen biscuits from Germany as well.

The common factor for most of these is dark chocolate. Do we just like dark chocolate less in the UK?

What are your favourite chocolates?


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